Nde Scholastica Bih, known professionally as Bih Stico is a Cameroonian singer and songwriter born and raised in Cameroon. The singer is known for her amazing voice and an incomparable passion for music which makes her a promising artiste who will be known by both the old and young in the near future.

Scholastica spent her childhood in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon where she obtained her FSLC, Ordinary and Advanced Level certificates.

Bih Stico performing at an event

The gospel artiste born in August 1978 began singing at a young age. Her passion for music intensified after she lost her father whom she had a strong bond with. This influenced Stico to use music as a distraction and consoling factor during her period of grief.

In 2015,Bih Stico started actively singing and has since then released multiple songs including Thank you, Moving forward, Stand Up for the Change and her most recent audio release Miyaka(Remix) which features buzzing artiste Bala 2K.

Bih Stico is family oriented, a mother of 1 Biological child and many adopted children. Her mentors are Mr. Shing Festus and her older brother.

She is currently working on the music video of “Miyaka Remix” featuring Bala 2k.

She derives happiness from helping others. Through her music, she has been able to assist children in orphanages, and the streets. She is currently working with an orphan who just welcomed twins.

44years old Bih Scholastica hopes she can get alot of people closer to God through her music, develop more skill and also network with other musicians in and out of Cameroon.

Her Hobbies are Singing, Swimming and she is most happy when she has an engaged audience during Performance.

She dislikes Prejudice, corruption and Pretenders.


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