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Cameroonian born rapper Blueprint Hakeem closes his year 2020 with a 7 track hip-hop project titled “SITATUNGA”.

Originally scheduled for release in October, its release was rescheduled for December 4th 2020 as a sign of respect and hommage to the killings of school children in the town of Kumba, Cameroon.

A SITATUNGA is a swamp dwelling- antelope found throughout West Africa. It’s skin is known to produce very tough leather. An important animal suffering extinction due to its natural habitat disasters, speaks lots about the song choice, topics, and sound route of Blueprint’s 4th studio project.

Blueprint Hakeem - Sitatunga the album
Blueprint Hakeem – Sitatunga the album cover art

Hakeem works with Cameroonian producers Baeby, Blahk Santa, Kumi and Dr Gima to determine his sonical direction with SITATUNGA – sounding more African with your first listen.

He bleeds magnificent lyrics about love, war, crisis, African strength in unity, lust, steadfast hustling and lyrical prowess.SITATUNGA by BLUEPRINT HAKEEM is now available on several online stores(itunes, amazon, spotify etc)

Blueprint Hakeem - Sitatunga
Blueprint Hakeem -Sitatunga Album Tracklist

To support the rapper Blueprint Hakeem and his relentless efforts in giving us great hiphop projects independently, even from a crisis stricken region – Bamenda, you can purchase the album at 5000 frs using MOMO or OM.

Follow the link below: https://zeelah.cm/playlist/sitatunga/

To get SITATUNGA for free, click the link below and enter your email https://swiperrmedia.com/station/sitatungaep/


Follow Blueprint Hakeem HERE to get the project


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