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Gasha reveals that she created Stevens Music Entertainment but was forced to leave.

Cameroonian artist Gasha, who is making a great comeback and remains consistent with her music this 2019 was guest artist on Le Bon As Radio Douala where she shared her new musical vision and made certain revelations about her career both past and present.

She started by thanking her followers for the continuous love and support shown towards her and told them that she understands their frustration and confusion about her silence over the past couple of years. She said people made lots of assumptions and theories explaining her silence which were not true and that the truth will surely reveal itself at the end. She promised to remain consistent this year onward.

As to why she left Cameroon for the USA, which was the beginning of that silent period, she explains that she took a route that was not easy. She embarked on a journey that nobody could see what was happening but she had to do it. She was aware that it was a difficult task but she had no choice and has lived through the consequences.

Her recent collection of songs is a clear message that she is coming back strongly and she confesses that she is vulnerable through her music because one can listen to her music and know exactly what is happening to her personal life. Her song “Back “Back to life, Back to reality” is explaining that she is back to life and back to the reality of things while thanking the God of Music for the opportunity.

She further says that she usually tries to avoid the subject of Stevens Music because it’s an aspect of her career and life that is usually misinterpreted. When she wanted to start her career, she wanted to be original and independent. Many people approached her with deals, opportunities of signing with labels etc., but she turned them down.

So she decided to create her label, Stevens Music. People may forget that part because it was never her style to say it out publicly but it was her label, she was the CEO because she started it. She wanted to create a label, sign herself to it and have control over her work and career given she had seen how other legendary musicians suffered or faced difficulties being signed to labels.

She concluded that things didn’t work out like she planned and she was no longer in control of her creative process, something which she holds dearly and she had to walk away, leaving her shares and everything. She advised that these thing happen every day between artists and their record labels, that there are usually breakups that remain silent without the knowledge of the media while there are others which are visible and then people start popping up with all kinds of versions. There were many negatives that surrounded her quitting the label but at the end, they found a near amicable milieu and ended it.

Gasha is currently working with Dj Pazzo, someone whom she describes as a mentor that has worked with him from the early days. She has also worked with producers like Dijay Karl and Lanjo on the recent collection and the future looks very bright for her and her music. Full interview is embedded here below;

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