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Eyo Nation Records Bamenda is set to release a Joint EP “ONGAKU”

Eyo Nation Records Bamenda is set to release a Joint EP “ONGAKU”

Eyo Nation Records, Bamenda is thrilled to announce the release of it’s joint EP titled ONGAKU due for 20th December 2019.

ONGAKU is the Japanese translation for the word “Music”. After some months of silence by the team due to its members other life challenges as medical and
engineering practitioners they still came together to show that the passion for music is still very strong and they can and will keep on delivering the hits and reaching the expectations of the music sphere. Eyo Nation intends with this project to show that music is a universal language and a tool to bring about change, unity and peace nation and worldwide hence the EP title ONGAKU meaning Music.

ONGAKU is a very diverse EP consisting of 8 tracks that cuts across almost all possible genres in the music sphere such as Afrobeats, Afropop, Afro rap, Hiphop/rap, RnB in which every artist tells his own story in his own way be it hustle, love, hardship, life or spirituality.

Every artist shows his own genius lyrical wise. This project is a real masterpiece and a perfect Christmas gift to all the lovely fans and supporters. ONGAKU EP was produced by EYO and MX. The cover arts were done by Mindworks Designs. All compositions done by every member. With lots of love, EYO NATION RECORDS team hopes you enjoy this masterpiece. This project is just so mind blowing and will keep you listening to it
every time.

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