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Fast rising and upcoming Cameroonian Artists may be victims of Disrespect by some Events organizers.

After my recent post/article about my experience during an event as to how young artists fail to market and distribute their music during outdoor events properly, many young artists have complained both inbox and in comments sections about how they are being disrespected by event’s organizers.

Event’s organizers believe that they are providing visibility/exposure to these artists and will not even provide transport for the artists, they don’t respect them on stage to give them a few seconds to market themselves and their art and some have to beg on their kneels to have pictures post event.

Many a time, we have created content in this direction but most of these artists and event’s organizers hardly consume it either because they hate reading or they just read to ignore or read and fail to understand.

Every form of art deserves maximum respect. In fact, the respect is on its own reciprocal which means if an artist accepts to perform at an event for free, even if he wishes to tap off the free publicity and exposure, he will still perform work, something that will get him paid in the future. Some of these artists may come to us desperate et al., but I think it’s a bad idea for us to downplay their efforts and most importantly, their art.

What is your experience with event’s organizers? Upcoming artists, friends and supporters of upcoming artists, kindly share with us what you’ve witnessed and a possible solution to this.

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