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Dr. EriseMary Dinga to host the Emmi Summit 2022 under the theme “Sustainable Empowerment (Innovation and Creative Thinking)”

EMMI SUMMIT 2022: Dr. EriseMary Dinga to host the Emmi Global Entrepreneurial Leadership Summit 2022 under the theme “Sustainable Empowerment (Innovation and Creative Thinking)” aka

Dr EriseMary Mbunui Dinga, Cameroonian bestselling author, philanthropist and entrepreneur acclaimed for her for youth activism and entrepreneurial ventures across Africa, USA, UAE, and Europe will be convening another edition of the Emmi Global Entrepreneurial Leadership Summit 2022.

Emmi Empire Inc by Dr EriseMary would every year through this summit, bring together 500 to 1000 semi corporate entrepreneurs, and leaders from different works of life to sit and benefit from the world’s most successful business men and women, leaders and entrepreneurs in the public and private sector.

The 2022 edition of of Dr. EriseMary’s Emmi Summit #EmmiSummit2022 will be held in Cameroon from the 14th to the 16th of July, 2022.

Emmi Summit 2022 of Dr. EriseMary

The Emmi Summit experience is geared towards presenting new and more effective ways facilitate business success, strong organizational and personal leadership, national building and life transformation.

Prominent speakers in this year’s edition include:

Dr. Abdulaziz Ahmad from Dubai

Dr. Abdulaziz Ahmad

Dr. Abdulaziz is the Afeer Corporate Services Provider, Emirates Institute For Banking & Financial Studies. He has assisted hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs and SMEs through their company formation journey; starting from detailed execution, understanding & executing what is practical beyond just the plan. He are well versed in all types of trade license options and regulations.

Bony Dashaco of Dash Media Cameroon

Bony Dashaco

Mr. Bony Dashaco is the President and founder of Dash Media (TV), an affiliate of ACMAR International. The media company is present in 22 African countries and has created over 1000 direct jobs.

Francis Nana

Francis Nana is the Founder of Biopharma laboratories, a leading cosmetic firm in Cameroon. In all, the company operates in 23 African countries, including Cameroon, whose market is extremely competitive

Tchamba William

Tchamba William

Mr. Tchamba William is the CEO of Batimetal African Group. CEO, African Cellulose Society. CEO, ENCO Trading. A very self-driven and highly resourceful business tycoon who has employed numerous youths around the world. He is passionate about development in Cameroon and continues to make strategic contributions to the county’s economy.

Several other speakers will grace the stage and share their entrepreneurial experience to attendees of the submit. While more than 50 + businesses will be given startup capitals, loans, business opportunities depending on the level of your registration packages.

Registration is currently going on and ranges from 25,000 XAF to 200,000 XAF

Each package comes with an advantage and the benefits to getting a business capital depends on the package .

How to Register for Emmi Summit 2022

Kindly visit for more details or contact Call + 237650761270, +237651900202, +237658060573

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