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Eystein Young Dingha Jr, Cameroonian Actor, Writer and Movie Director

Young Dingha Eystein Junior popularly called Eystein Young Jr is a Bamenda based, Cameroonian actor and art director who has been making waves in the movie industry for the past decade.

Young Dingha was born on the 21st of January 1992 and is a native of Kom (Father) and Bali (Mother) in the North West Region of Cameroon.

He is the last child of a great family of entrepreneurs, civil servants, and footballers. While his parents were active in the teaching and financial sector, Young chose to follow ‘showbizness’, a sector that would not be greatly appreciated in that part of the country in those days, but he managed to pull through.

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Eystein Young Jr did his primary education in Njinikom before moving to Bamenda for secondary and high school education. He attended the University of Yaounde II, in Cameroon’s capital city.

He effectively started being active in the movie industry in 2012/2013. Due to several positive remarks from his performances on the stage plays, he decided to take up acting as a full job.

Young then engaged into formal acting training with Ruphina’s House Academy in Bamenda. This training helped him earn lead roles in several Cameroonian movies like; ‘Samson’, ‘Ensomni’, ‘The Beast’, ‘Cypher Comedy Series’, ‘The Kaffi’, ‘Ndonne’, ‘My Best Day’ and a host of others.

Eystein Young has attended film residencies and masterclasses at The African international film festivals, Motion Picture film festival, Slum Film Festival, Durban Film Mart Cameroon international film festival and attended The Generation Africa film mentorship program in Accra mentored by established world industry directors, producers, editors, writers.

Eystein Young Jr.
Eystein Young Jr.

His biggest achievements yet are.

  • Being nominated Best actor (Cameroon Academy Achievement Awards 2017
  • Being nominated Art Director (Golden Movies Awards Ghana)
  • Winning Best actor 2019 (NBACA awards 2019)
  • Winning best Supporting Actor CAAFA Awards 2017.

As a writer and director: His movies, Chicha, Mbutuku, Ngwena, Massa Docta, Kalamba and Revenir have been screened and competed in festivals like Slum Film festival Kenya, African International festival Nigeria, Lake Pan African Film Festival Kenya, Zuma Film Festival Nigeria, Standaleone film Festival USA, Festival Des Contragemeggio Italy, Camiff Cameroon, and Lift Off film festival UK.

See below Eystein Young Dingha’s career filmography;

NBACA 2019 – Actor of the year (Bamenda)
CAAFA 2017 – Best Actor Supporting Role (London)
Alan Awards 2019 – Best Short film for Mbutuku (Bamenda , Cameroon)
Festival De Contramegio Awards 2020 – Best Short film for Ngwena ( Italy)

Best Art Director – golden movie awards Ghana
Best Director – Alan Awards 2020 (Cameroon)
Best Director – Wafpa Awards 2020 ( Ghana)
Actor in a lead role – CAMAA awards 2017 (Cameroon)
Best Film – Red Feather Awards (Cameroon)

Chicha(writer) – African International Film festival ( Afriff 2017) Nigeria
Massa Docta (writer/director) – slum Film Festival and lake pan African film festival Kenya
The Kaffi ( writer / director) – Zuma Film Festival (Nigeria)
Ngwena (writer/ director)- festival de contrameggio. Italy
Revenir ( writer/ director)- standalone film festival . USA
Revenir (writer / director )- Cameroon international film festival

Durban Film Mart 2020 – South Africa
Rough cut Services Editing Masterclasses 2020 – Finland
Generation African Documentary film Sessions – Ghana (2018 –
MTN Digital Conference 2018 – Nigeria
African International film festival Acting/Lighting / Directing Masterclass 2017 – Lagos Nigeria
Cameroon International Film Festival Directing Masterclass 2020 – Buea Cameroon

Young owns the media house, Extrafix Media Limited: a film production company specialized in Film production, script writing, Standard video equipment rentals, graphic designing.

Eystein Young Jr.
Eystein Young Jr.

ExtraFix Media Limited is located in Bamenda;
Pinyin Quarter Entrance
Che street – NTARINKON Bamenda
237 653985898
Facebook :@ExtraFix media

Currently (As at May 2021), Young is engaged in post-production for his Medium Length Documentary titled CLANDO done for STEPS and ARTE FR. (1 in the 30 films produced in 30 African Countries).

Young is also engaged in Pre-Production phase for 2 fiction Feature films (THE PLANTER’S PLANTATION and KARIFU) for two independent distribution companies.

Eystein Young’s Mentors and Role Models;

Ikka Vehkalahti
Don Edkins
Ruben Van de Hammen
Musing Derick
Tiny Mungwe
Tai Conrad
Stephanie Tum

AMA Asante, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Tyler Perry, Leila Djamal, Chinua Achebe, Kenjo Jumbam , Sanda Ebua, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Biyi Bandele, Ama Asante, Tyler Perry.

Amongst Young’s biggest ambitions are Producing movies for Hollywood, making a Netflix Original, winning an Oscar and becoming a “film Trillionaire”.

Young enjoys doing industry business (acting, directing, writing), Promoting Cultural values and dislikes failure.

Keep up with latest information about Young and his upcoming projects here on KESAMag.

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