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Discover Cameroonian artiste, Lionel Light, founder of Bridge Star Music

Lionel Light is the founder of Bridge Star Music

Efang Lionel aka Lionel Light is Cameroonian artiste originally from the North West Region.

There are several music styles that adorn the national cultural landscape of Cameroon, but Bridge Star Music by Lionel Light in itself is musical work meant to digest all the music in the world. This new musical genre that Lionel Light offers is a tasty combination of great melodic sounds of the world, such as a bridge which connects all the disparities which aggregate to give meaning to such plural existences, like a glow which traverses so many countries to distill beauty.

The birth of Bridge Star Music?

Lionel describes the period he created Bridge Start Music as a time of “colorless black, as if caught up in the darkness of evil, in the darkness of his eyes, he sees a mental light, a set of magnificent sounds, a combination of all earthly sounds. He gives this phonic mixture a name: Bridge Star Music”.

In order to propel his concept forward, he will set about writing 22 songs, of which he already dropped the first single titled “Bridge Star Music”. While waiting for him to unveil the 22 tracks entirely, Lionel Light intends to gradually transport his audience into its magical universe, both by the musical work and by music videos which highlights his fantastic ride in the middle of the stars, above the clouds.

Discover Lionel Light?

Born on September 14, 1982 in Wum, Lionel Light was attracted by art and architecture but without any serious passion in music. He rather decided to sacrifice himself for the benefit of others and joined the military.

In 2004, Lionel attended military training at Djoum National Armed Forces Training Center in the South Region of Cameroon. After almost a year of training, Lionel graduated and later served his country for over 7 years right up till 2012 before returning to the civil school of engineering.

In 2015, Lionel was seriously sick and almost lost his sight. He was admitted into the Military Hospital for intensive care and he finally regained his sight partially a couple of years later.

This April 2020, Lionel Light unveiled a new music project and style called “Bridge Star Music”. He says, “Bridge star is a new music bridging the gaps between heavens and earth, the rich and the poor and light and darkness”.

Lionel light is the creator of bridge star music which is the combination of all earthly melodies put together magically.

Enjoy the music video of Bridge Star Music by Lionel Light here below.

[Music Video] Lionel Light – Bridge Star Music (Download audio)



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