Meet Cameroonian Artiste Bala 2k on his journey to stardom. Here’s what you should know about this vibrant musician.

Bala Emmanuel Kimbi who goes by stage name Bala 2k, is a native from Bum a village in the North West Region of Cameroon. He was born on May 15, 1994 to Mr&Mrs Kimbi in Limbe Cameroon. He is the second child to his parents and has 2 other brothers.

Who is Bala 2k?

Bala started doing music fully in 2016 while studying in university of Buea. After releasing his well received song titled “Kiss U”, he later had to halt his career to concentrate on his studies. His decision to halt payed off and he’s a proud holder of a Bsc. in Journalism and Mass Communication.

After achieving an education, he released another single in 2018 which took the nation to a sorrowful turn titled “Boko Haram”. The song “Boko Haram” depicted the devastating effects the Boko Haram attacks has caused the Northern Part of Cameroon.

Bala 2k "Chop"

He had backlash from the forces of law for speaking up about the war in this song but he however managed to handle the whole situation. That move by Bala won him several hearts he was considered the man for the people and a true artiste who did speak up in the face of adversity.

Later in 2018 he released another powerful track titled “Ndolo”. As usual it was well received by music lovers in Cameroon.Asked who his role models and mentors are, Bala sites the Jamaica’s legend Bob Marley and Cameroon’s Icon Richard Bona. No wonder he is this good.

Discover Cameroonian artiste Bala 2k

Bala is currently trending on the media after releasing another epic piece titled “Chop”. The new song CHOP relates to everyday life challenges. It speaks of the expectations society and family place on individuals and advances the need to sometimes scale back, take a pause and relax despite all that is going on around us.

Chop has been on many lips. He is sure one of the journey to super stardom.Watch his latest song “Chop” HERE and you will testify to his greatness.

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