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Dijay Karl is crowned “Man of the Year” in the Cameroon music industry 2019

Respect to this man in picture. Hats off as I crown Dijay Karl my man of the year in the music industry 2019.

So, if you have been following many award shows, you will notice that winners are hardly determined based on public votes. It’s either someone or a group of people with good hearts organize, sit and evaluate nominees and what they’ve done through a period, or some people with money, or the chase of money sit and decide who to award for different reasons.

So, since I don’t have money, but I have a timeline, I’ve taken upon myself to crown Dijay Karl as the man of the year in the music industry 2019.

This particular year has been a slow one as concerns Cameroonian music and specifically anglophone Cameroonian music. Those hit songs haven’t come our way and even those that we consider hit songs are mostly songs with good concepts and messages that attract appraisals from the audience.

Dijay Karl has been the engineer behind more than 15 very good songs this year and 5 of them are worth mentioning, as the biggest songs released this year and I will list the songs to you below with links where you can get them.

Awu – Yayayo
Fhish – Holla Holla
Awu – Dege Dege
Joyce Babs – Merry Go Round
Mic Monsta – Johnny

Now, it’s true our producers are never really that ranty on social media and even in real life, but Dijay Karl is that coolest type who always delivers when needed.

I remember last year, when he came up with the first ever beat tapes by a Cameroonian music producer, “The Kribi way Beat Tape” and “Yellow season beat tape”. These projects created much engagement in the music industry as it created an avenue for several artistes to collaborate with each other and also the positive competition that it came with. This year, we’ve not seen any beat tape, but we’ve seen an increase in the amount of songs that he has produced making him my man of the year 2019.

Unfortunately, the best songs that Dijay Karl has produced this year have been performed by artistes who have their own kinda drama surrounding them, or the others have been inconsistent all of which in my opinion has limited the reach of these songs.

Dijay Karl has been pretty consistent in his work over the past couple of years and he has managed to include his name among Cameroon’s greatest in that domain and from every indication, he has love and passion for his job and the industry, and aims for the top. Well, he is already at my top.

What are your thoughts about my man of the year in the music industry? If you don’t agree with me, do well to list out some other contenders and why you think they deserve to win this my precious award?.

See links to some of the songs here below and in the comments section.









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