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I Never Came Into The Industry As A Decent Dresser…..DAPHNE says

For about two years, Daphne has received backlash from her fans who have been insinuating that Fame has made her become indecent. According to them, since Stevens Music Queen became famous, she’s been wearing outfits that are too revealing i.e outfits that expose her thighs and boobs.

In a post made few hours ago on Facebook, Daphne cleared the air on her dressing style, saying her love for revealing cloths is not something of today. In her words, ”I remember in Form 5, my uncle burnt all my skirts because he said they were too short”.

She concluded by saying she dresses sexy because she feels comfortable in these outfits.

There it is Fam. Hope y’all will stop complaining about Daphne’s outfits.





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