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The Cameroon Film industry announces date and venue for 2019 General Assembly.

The Cameroon Film industry (CFI) announces her general assembly for 2019 scheduled to hold on the 29th of June in Limbe. Top of the agenda for this year’s General Assembly shall be presentation of balance sheet of the outgoing BoD and the election of a new BoD.

CFI Communique on 2019 General assembly

Last year, the CFI General Assembly took place in Bamenda on the 30th of June 2018 where they discussed challenges faced by the industry within the previous year, achievements and major resolutions to be carried out.

The major challenges was linked to the Anglophone crisis and their inability to organize movie premiers, the death of some film industry members like Derick, Walters Ndi who were shot and their corpses only discovered in the mortuary as well as Some film industry members like Kesha Kena who was on the run while others like Tsi Conrad and Mancho Bibixy are in Prison.

As part of their achievements, they announced the huge marketing and distribution boost with the contract deal that was signed with BT Media which allows My Movie Tv to exclusively purchase copyrights of movies and assist in the production.

The 2019 edition is dubbed Elective General assembly that will feature the elections of a new BoD as primary goal, but the challenges of last year are still visible till now so will still be discussed upon. The Anglophone crisis is still a major challenge as we’ve seen little or no movie premiers within the past year in the Anglophone regions as all movie makers have taken their premiers to neighboring city, Douala.

The major achievement of last year which was the distribution deal with BT Media and MTN Cameroon needs to be re-evaluated and a report on the status of the partnerships be read and deliberated upon in the assembly. My Movies Tv still shows just about 20% Cameroonian content/movies and mostly show old movies while the MTN Yabadoo app is not updated as well with new movies. https://kesamagazine.com/cfi-seals-deal-with-mtn-cameroon/

Since the last AGM till now, we’ve seen some serious fights within the media from key players in the industry like Otia Vitalis and Agbor Gilbert, something which needs to be dealt with and sanctioned in the General assembly. https://kesamagazine.com/otiva-vitalis-vs-agbor-gilbert/

Also the interesting points sent out by event’s organizer and another key industry player, Chi Chi Ladislav where he said the actors and actresses are underpaid because the CFI has not taken its position as the mother body to manage the various guilds who in turn will act to regularize, calculate and come up with a formula to know how much the different categories of actors must take home after projects or films. https://kesamagazine.com/chi-ladislav-calls-out-the-cameroon-film-industry/

 The CFI need to deliberate and make a decision the issue of whether movie houses should request for participation fees for auditions and casting as some experienced actors and stakeholders defend that it is needed to provide drinks and food during auditions while others describe such a move as Scamming. https://kesamagazine.com/should-actors-and-actresses-pay-for-auditions/

These and many more should make the agenda of this year’s edition of the General Assembly that will see a new team ready to implement the resolutions that will be agreed upon and work towards the progress of the industry.



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