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CAMIFF 2021 Press Conference Review

The Cameroon International Film Festival, CAMIFF started on Monday 20th of April 2021, with an opening Party that was jam-packed with actors, musicians, and all industry stakeholders.

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The Cameroon International Film Festival (CAMIFF) brings together Actors, Filmmakers, Film critics, Buyers, Distributors, Film Students, and Int. Press to help create a vibrant film culture throughout Cameroon. The annual event curates exceptional programs to engage and educate the local community, inspire filmmakers, and nurture the growth of Cameroon and the African film industry.

On day 2 of this 2021 edition, the CAMIFF organizers, including other Cameroonian actors like Epule Jeffery, Solange Yijika, Professor George Ewane, and Nollywood actors Ramsey Noah and Enyinna Nwigwe were involved in a Press Conference with Cameroonian Media personalities at Mountain Hotel today 20th April 2021.

During the Q & A, the question of “what Cameroonian filmmakers need to do in order to penetrate Nollywood?” came up and Ramsey Noah said it’s all about “quality Content”. Content that is relatable will always be consumed by Nollywood. He added that Cameroonians need to support and watch their movies more. When you love and consume your products more, it will encourage people especially foreigners to come in. He said the only way Nollywood can help is in Partnerships and Co-productions. This can be gotten through him, a brand ambassador of the event or any other means.

Regarding the “banning of Foreign Content especially Nigerian Content in Cameroon2, r Ramsey Noah in all honesty said the move of banning is misleading. Given both Countries speak almost the same and close neighbors, he doesn’t think Nigerian content affects Cameroon’s as it is said. He said if something should be banned, it should be content from the western world. There’s a lot of potential in Cameroon and relating with an established industry like Nollywood will get Cameroon more audience and that’s the main aim of every industry.

Actor Enyinna followed up on what Ramsey Noah mentioned, saying instead of Banning Nigerian Content which has the biggest market in Africa at the moment, let Cameroon try to collaborate. Collaborations will help get more visibility into the growing Cameroon Movie industry.

A pool party is to take place this evening and they will be performances from a host of Cameroonian artistes including Mic Monsta.

CAMIFF 2021 Pool Party




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