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Elections miss Black Belgium 2019: Cameroon’s Aline emerges winner

The Young Cameroonian Aline brilliantly won the 1st position at the Miss Black Belgium 2019 as she succeeded her fellow compatriot, Chelsea. Her win means the crown remains in Cameroon.

Aline was acclaimed by all contestants, the present audience, and the entire separate jury. Her entrepreneurial project focused on supporting victims of violence in all its forms, particularly domestic violence because she herself is a victim.

Much appreciation goes to her sponsor, the Belgium based Production Company, 18 Montagnes who believed in her by supporting her through this adventure.

Nigeria’s Olivia won the 2nd place. Despite her difficulties in speaking French, she seduced the distinct jury and the public with her charm, and her entrepreneurial project which talked about trafficking of young girls. Olivia works closely with the N.G.O PAGAZA in Belgium, which fights against the trafficking of Africa-Europe girls, and intends to be the voice of all the victims.

Much appreciation as well goes to her sponsor, the AMIRA aesthetic institute of Togo who believed in her by supporting her through this adventure.

Worth mentioning the various companies and partners of MBB who supported this year’s event and offered gifts worth over € 2,000. FREYWILLE Jewelry and the cosmetic giant EQUIVALENZA.

Congratulations to Aline and Olivia. Africa is proud. View more photos of the winners below;



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