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Cameroonian movie “The Testament” – “When The Plight Of An African Girl Comes Face To Face With The Survival Of An African Kindred”

“THE TESTAMENT” is a film produced by DIPFA Entertainment and Directed by Tikum Titus Akuro which tells an uneasy story about the plight of an African girl in the midst of a cultural practice that is still being observed across some African communities.

The TESTAMENT is a film that will challenge its viewers to a rather deep moments of meditation. The movie runs for 1 hour 21 minutes and 27 seconds. Enough time to allow the TESTAMENT production team to tell the story in a simplistic but logical manner that will create awareness to the plight of the many African girls going through such.

The film tells the story of Engwari (Mbah Nancy) the last daughter of Pa Njong as head of his kindred who died without an heir. Engwari‘s dreams became twisted and shattered even when she is made heir with stringent rules; but they are according to the customs and tradition of the people.

Faced with the wall of rock, the inevitable sets in predictable and unpredictable uncircumcised circumstances that breeds a cloud of torture, pains, tears and sorrows.  Ironically this is the situation of many who are caught up in the web of similar situation across Africa. The film is produced based on research by observation and experience based analysis.

More fascinating is the fact that the film has an experienced cream of actors and crew from pool of entertainers in the Cameroon Film Industry (CFI). The cast included veteran actors like: Tangyie Suh-For, Vugar Samson (Grandpa), Ngunyam Prisca, Ngwa Benard, Ayim David (Fozo de Prince) and a host of others blend with many new but competent performers.

On the other hand, the crew is a formidable one. The experienced filmmakers like Tikum Titus Akuro as writer & Director of the film, Njong Clinton as director of photography, Ofon Ernest Suh, Version King as producers, Keka Sylvester (Buraman) as production manager amongst many others. The TESTAMENT is a film to watch out for.

The film shot on locations across Mezam Division in the North West Region of Cameroon Premiers on Sunday 28th April 2019 at White House Restaurant, Bamenda starting at 1pm. Watch the official trailer below;




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