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Cameroon Music Evolution Awards (CMEA)

Introducing the Cameroon Music Evolution Awards (CMEA)

“It is with great joy that we announce THE CAMEROON MUSIC EVOLUTION AWARDS!” –  This was the caption to a press release posted on the Cameroon Music Evolution page officially announcing the Cameroon Music Evolution Awards.

The Press release explained that Cameroon music has greatly evolved over the years and it’s seen changes in its distribution, business structure, and its overall presentation. This has led to a lot of miscommunication, misrepresentation, and gross loss of Cameroon music data.  In this vein, Cameroon Music Evolution was born, a system to preserve and protect the next generation and past generation of Cameroon’s musical heritage.

This new event Cameroon Music Evolution Award (CMEA) is organized to showcase, celebrate and appreciate the best, distinct and original Cameroonian sound; encompassing all musical genres from different generations. The concept of the award is one of a kind as it does not only award exceptional talent but also gives them the opportunity to move their career a little further through a Music Festival, prizes, networking and sensitization events, and award documentary aimed at exporting musical talent from Cameroon. It also seeks to redress the plight of artists and entertainment stakeholders alike.

The award show aims at creating a conducive and serene environment where upcoming and established artists have a free and fair forum to commune. This and more will sure help shine the light and greatly expose Cameroonian talent in a bid to compete with the international community.

Some major activities in the buildup to and after the award event include;

  • Networking and sensitization event
  • Award documentary
  • Press Conference
  • Nomination party
  • Award unveiling event
  • Music Festival
  • Award Show
  • Afterparty

Interesting to note that this initiative has been in the pipeline for over three years and within this period, several activities in accordance with the vision, mission, and objectives of the award have taken place including;

  • An Active Facebook page called Cameroon Music Evolution (Three (03) years running
  • Music business sensitization & networking seminar: Organized on October 30th, 2020
  • Charity female football match against rape, domestic violence & depression: organized in December 15th 2020
  • Cameroon Music Evolution Documentary: (In progress…)

Attached below are photos from previous activities, and highlights of past accomplishments so far

The press release doesn’t give us a confirmed date for this award event or the official award season, but we are predicting the start of the 3rd quarter for full engagement.

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