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Briana Lesley Releases EP Titled: Diary of a Lioness

Lesley’ made her epic entrée into the Cameroon music scenario, upon the release of her debut single titled #Falling.

Her unique vocals, complemented by glamorous visuals by one of Cameroon’s finest videographers ‘Dr. Nkeng Stephen’ made Briana’s entrée quite irresistible & left followers & stakeholders of the 237 Industry hopeful with great interest in, & anticipation of the rising star’s young career.

Briana’s music career however had to undergo a temporary pause, as the beautiful singer eventually had to withdraw herself to focus on the birth of her child. Notwithstanding, the ever elegant chanteuse rose again like a phoenix with the release of her second single (still in audio-visual format) titled: Faut Pas Juger (released in June 2019).

The song: Faut Pas Juger, in which Briana Lesley beautifully chants a tale of the bonafide (female) hustler who beats all odds to earn her living, was just a prelude to her forthcoming EP titled: Diary of a Lioness. Briana’s charismatic personality, arising modeling career & amazing vocals places her well amongst the most outstanding models/artists in Cameroon.

In the Diary of a Lioness EP, Briana gracefully channels her energy through her magnificent vocals, melodies & unique adlibs that resonate messages of positive energy, self-worth, resilience & faith. All in a bid to share encouragement, and empathy with everyone (& especially the African woman) who strives to weather the storms of daily life & the millstones posed by the norms & standards of modern society.

In the first song, Faut pas Juger (Prod. by Exclusive Cadex Instrumentals), she encourages everyone to be proud of their hustle (as she’s proud of hers always) and not succumb to career complex of any sort, but rather keeping one’s head up in high spirit & faith.

In the 2nd track, Little Girl (Prod. by Exclusive Cadex Instrumentals), Briana reminisces about flattering episodes of childhood that eventually vanished with innocence as “Little Girl” grew up to the challenges of adulthood.

Track 3. Superwoman (Produced by Cadex OTB) is a reaffirmation of the unconventional superwoman power that is fiercely being silenced by society.

Finally, ‘Lioness’ closes her diary with a classic love song titled ‘Like Me’ featuring Dready Christ (& prod. by Payne).

Through this Diary of a Lioness EP, Briana Lesley is determined to set a stable foundation for her career and to satisfy fans & supporters who have long been eager for some good Lioness vibes.

Her music can be streamed and downloaded on all major platforms through this link https://ffm.to/diaryofalioness

Superfans can also grab a copy through Mobile Money


Video for lead single “Faut Pas Juger” available HERE

Album Credits
Track 1. Faut Pas Juger: Produced by Cadex & co-written by Briana Lesley & Dready Christ

Track 2. Little Girl: Produced by Cadex, Written by Dready Christ,

Track 3. Superwoman: Produced by Cadex, Written by Dready Christ

Track 4. Like Me: Produced by Payne, Written by Dready Christ

Artist Statement
“I am highly encouraged with an endless support from my family and my team to do what I love. I am here to learn, stand out, and be different & incredibly flexible.”

Social Media
Facebook: BrianaLesley Twitter: BrianaLesley237 Instagram: OfficialBrianaLesley Email: Info.brianalesley@gmail.com




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