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[Music Video] Bonzyz – Kumbaya #EndAnglophoneCrisis

Music Video of Kumbaya by Bonzyz as his contribution to End Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon. #EndAnglophoneCrisis

Cameroonian artist and rapper, Bonzyz shares emotional piece as contribution to end the Anglophone Crisis.

“The cry for peace is echoing across the nation. It is the painful call of the hurt. Are both camps listening? Can you STOP? You promised to rescue us! But now the people need a break from the rescue mission no matter which camp it is coming from. The promises of Good, freedom, and justice has failed, it is taking longer and taking too many lives.
Who will you (Amba or Gov’t) free or serve in the end when your thrive continues to takeaway kids who deserve that food, freedom, and justice daily?”

Watch and download “Bonzyz – Kumbaya” below;

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