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BonaJobs Bringing the Cameroonian Youths out of joblessness

High level of joblessness and uneven distribution of wealth has caused social dissatisfaction among Cameroonian youths within the past years, a situation that has led to some youths coming up with initiatives and projects set to make a difference and assist in building the economy.

One of such initiatives is BonaJobs.com.

BonaJobs is a job talent search engine, offering the best talents in the African market today. If you are having trouble getting work done, the BonaJobs platform has made it easy to find talents who can help get your job done.

Their search engine is one of the most powerful out there, providing a great visibility to users and giving them access to find talents, thereby saving their time and money.

Through the BonaJobs platform, users have the chance to

  • Identify new talents
  • Communicate with potential candidates.
  • Create full assessment regarding candidates.

The team behind this amazing initiative under the leadership of Ajong Clifford, founder and CEO of Bona Media Group believe that their organization can have a dramatic impact on changing the lives of people through a more authentic, relevant and personalized experience. They also aim to bring a great change in the Cameroonian and African job market which is lacking a lot.

How It Works?

Create an Account
Upload your resume, create a profile for yourself and tell us your profession. We match you with recruiters when they search your profession.

Search Talents
It is all in one place. Just type in the category and location for the talent you need, get connected with millions of talents near you.

A detailed description of your profession means a good profile, and a good profile means good visibility, instant connection with millions of recruiters.

BonaJobs is a game changer, as it creates an ideal playground for employees and employers. Visit them now via http://www.bonajobs.com , upload your CV, and get employed for your talent and qualification.





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