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Blaise B seems to be making the necessary career advancing steps.

Cameroonian artist, Blaise B signed under Alpha Better records is regarded today as one of the best artists in Cameroon because of his irresistible talents and creativity. He doubles as a producer with name Akwandor.

Some of the very good songs in Cameroon we have heard were produce by him like Hiro – “Molo”, Montess – “Prends mon coeur”, Koc feat locko – “I love you”, Ambe – “Vitesse” among others. This is to say that the guy is an incredible talent and hard worker. Today Blaise B is called His Vocal Highness and its is well deserved if one listens to him sing.

Blaise B is presently on a national media tour with his latest song “Le gout De Ca“. AMAZING RIGHT? This hopefully is a progressive step to be intensified given he has hardly been seen on a tour for his previous releases or they have not been intense like for this recent song.

For quite awhile, the very creative songs from Blaise B rarely make any wave. The only song from His vocal Highness that obvious gave him a name or lasting spot is “Eposi”. After “Eposi” Blaise B has released some other good songs with even better quality like “Clando” Ft Mr. Leo & Salatiel, “Front and back”, “On fait comment”, “Mama”, “No tomorrow” and now “Le goût de ça” with some other amazing collabos.

Now every artist is suppose to work in a progressive phase and grow. This can be attained by making your art seen and consumed. It could have been assumed that Blaise B probably wanted to concentrate more on producing than singing but we see him releasing back to back songs and still producing. His label Alpha Better Records is doing some pushing or promo for his songs, this means that he is considered an artist like the others.

Blaise B and team seem to be missing something because his talent, position and output are too good to be left at such a limited space. I can not tell if he is actually bringing in enough to their pockets since i am suppose to concern little on that but we expect to see such talent in shows, doing tours among others both nationally and internationally.

Blaise B has proven his talent beyond doubts in his songs, collabos and his fascinating stage performance in the few shows he has been part. Maybe his team needs to think of that and try to work a step forward with promoting and exposing Blaise B more as we see his label mate Mr. Leo going. They definitely have a strategy but some holes need to be filled for effective execution.

Intensifying all their promo strategies on his releases, getting Blaise B in shows or organizing his own shows, more media, regional and international tours, get him in some strategic collabos are the few proposals this post aims at citing to Blaise B’s team. More proposals are welcomed at the comment section.

Follow Blaise B on his social media handles
Facebook https://web.facebook.com/therealblaiseb/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/blaisebsings/
Twitter https://twitter.com/Blaisebsings
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvvD878bGr7neuSDWLM4SEw



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