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Blaise B Artist set to organize star-studded “Le Goût de ça” cocktail release party.

Cameroonian Afro-pop artist and music producer, Akwandor Blaise who is signed to Alpha Better Records is set to drop his first single of the year via a cocktail release party scheduled to hold on Wednesday March 13th at Santa Lucia, Bonamoussadi.

“Le Goût de ça” cocktail release party.

The event which targets Traditional & Online Media personalities and Influencers will see Blaise perform his new song “Le Goût de ça” and also features live band performances from other artists like Mr. Leo, Salatiel, Joel P and Stephan Akam and playback performances from Fhish, Makon, The 808 Nation as well as the presence of other artists.

With accompanying Brands, sponsors like Santa Lucia, Grants, Planet & Choco Nuts, the event promises to be a “Cocktail and Chocolate snacks” kinda event and as indicated on the flyer, entrance is 100%.

Music release parties are pivotal to any musician’s career and I would advise that record labels plan and organize these once in a while. These meetings announce that a song is going live and give an opportunity for the artist to give an in-debt analysis of the work he/she put into the song and allows the audience to celebrate this hard work.

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