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BillyBob Ndive Lifongo reveals that Cameroonian filmmakers are languishing in misery.

One of Cameroon’s greatest filmmakers, author of several series and films, Billy Bob Ndive says that Cameroonian cinema is still in still in amateurism.

Speaking to Culturebene at the recently concluded “Rentrée culturelle artistique nationale (RECAN)“, the film maker revealed that in Cameroon, instead of acting and celebrating actors and movies, people are rather content in talk over issues that are not important.

Regarding the situation of Cameroonian film makers, he said they’re in total misery.

Look, we are for RECAN, no director came by car, they are miserable. I call on the state to rescue us, the government must play its role frankly

Billy Bob on Cameroonian Filmmakers

Regarding French speaking films, he finds that his French speaking colleagues make movies for festivals instead of thinking about the appropriate ways to grow their assets.

We, English film makers are united in a single structure that defends our interest, we press the big companies like MTN through Yabadoo to be able to give us the money we deserve. I salute the initiative of the young Cameroonian Kengne who set up the platform Wouri TV, however for me cinema is the business when we invest, we must recover, so a man must have a vision and I target Netflix

Billy Bob on French Speaking Films.

RECAN which means “Rentrée culturelle artistique nationale” or “National Artistic Cultural Season” is an event to celebrate the cultural diversity of Cameroon bringing together many stakeholders in the arts domain, public administrators/institutions and other public and private bodies organized by the Minister of Arts and Culture. This 2019 edition is the 4th of its kind and holds from September 10 to October 1, 2019 throughout the national territory.

For 20 days, artists and other domains of Cameroon culture will have to demonstrate their potential through their works and dynamism which contributes to the vitalization of the creativity and the national artistic and cultural promotion.



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