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Nyangono du Sud’s first concert in the Diaspora was cancelled following a movement and presence of the Anti-Sardine Brigade (BAS).

Cameroonian artist, Nyangono Du Sud who is presently in Paris, France for his first diaspora tour had his first show cancelled following a demonstration by the Anti-Sardine Brigade (BAS) at the site of the event, VRP PARIS.

Flyer for Planned concert

The VRP PARIS management issued a communique announcing that Nyangono being a peace advocating for the unity of Cameroonian people does not wish that his show be an occasion of confrontation between children of the same nation so they both agreed that he will no longer perform on the night.

Screenshot: VRP Paris Cancels Concert.

The BAS has earlier announced that Nyangono being a supporter of the current regime will not be allowed to perform in the diaspora, a fate that many other Cameroonian artists have suffered in the course of the past months.

Close to 100 BAS members stormed the event ground and blocked the gate, forcing the organizer to cancel the event to avoid any confrontations. In a live video on their Facebook page, they insisted that they have no problem with Nyangono and his art, but have no business with anyone who is not ready to speak up about the current socio-political crisis in Cameroon.

Screenshot: VRP Paris still closed at 3:49am Saturday 20th April

Recall that this is Nyangono’s second show/concert cancelled within the space of one month after his Paposy concert scheduled for March 30th failed. Nyangono in a viral video outing announced that the show failed because he was deceived by the organizer, Jaguar who just wanted to use his fame for another event, Carton Rouge.



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