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Azah Awasum, Cameroonian big Brother USA 2021 contestant

Azah Awasum is Cameroonian by origin who was born in Maryland, Baltimore USA. She is a 30year old reality TV actress who also works as Head of sales at a firm. Azah Awasum also loves cooking and biking. She just completed a century earlier this year in Avid Biking. She’s also a traveller as she has travelled to 26 countries. Azah revealed that her grand father was a polygamist with 6 wives and 47 children and that she has 300 cousins.

Azah had reveal earlier on her Instagram account that she is one of the contestants for this edition’s Big Brother USA reality TV show.

The 23rd edition of the Big Brother USA reality TV show started on the 7th of July with 16 House mates gunning for the half a million dollars cash prize. The Cameroonian origin Azah Awasum has declared herself ready and capable of winning the prize.

Azah Awasum stated a clear cut strategy on how she will go about and win the show. “Spot the power players early and annihilate or divide them one by one! Play for MYSELF, not the house. I’m hoping my amiable appearance will cause the guests to let their guards down with me. I want every House guest to feel like they have me in their pocket. Finally, I will make really good decisions as long as there is no romance involved. NO SHOWMANCES!” Said Azah when she was asked the strategy she’ll use in winning the half a million dollars cash prize.

Azah Awasum
Azah Awasum

Azah has taken part in other contests before the big brother show. In 2018 she was finalist in the miss Maryland excellence expo where she finished fourth. Azah also completed in the miss Cameroon USA in 2015 as finalist.

Azah Awasum
Azah Awasum

Good luck to the Cameroonian American diva at the reality TV show




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