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Awu shoots new “Yayayo” video with Geraldríco Gúevara

After an unsuccessful first “Yayayo” video directed by Adah Akenji, Cameroonian artist, Awu has recently concluded a new video shoot for same “Yayayo“, this time with Geraldríco Gúevara of Hit 54 studios.

Recall that Awu and team explained that the former video was taken down because the video director only sent it as a trial for the video release party which still needed adjustments. The ‘takedown’ of the video from YouTube signified that the actual and well edited video will then be uploaded. Seems things didn’t go as planned as we now see Geraldrico on set shooting same video.

Nevertheless, the background issues can stay in the background as fans and the media are only interested in the finished product which will drop in the upcoming days. Following the huge critics that the previous video suffered, the team and new director would have this in mind before dropping it.

Also, we know Geraldrico is popularly known for delivering concept-full videos with amazing story lines. Looking at the photo attached, we can assume the video concept has something to do with the 80s. This is already looking good, given the “Yayayo” vibe could have a good interpretation with a concept from that direction. Anticipate brand new second coming video of one of the biggest songs from Cameroon and Africa this 2019.



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