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Askia Debunks Rumors Of Having A Ghost Writer.

“I’m a PHENOMENON. Accept it or Remain in Denial”

Askia in a recent Facebook outing, debunked rumours that her husband QILLA has been ghost writing songs for her.

Ghostwriting has been a part of the hip-hop culture since it’s rise and is still going strong today.

Askia performing at a club

The ghostwriters work most often for a fee whether their clients are mainstream names or aspiring emcees. Ghostwriters are actually ghosts as the name goes because they remain invisible, never disclose their customers’ identities or take any credit for their work.

ASKIA Karin is one of the most popular female rappers in Cameroon. The Emcee has over the years marked her position as the pace setter in the field for other female rappers and some times overshadowing the males.

Askia performing at the discovery show

ASKIA is known for her intricately crafted lyrics and how she puts her best into every line poetically with rhythms.

But since the rap genre seems to be a very male dominated sector, it seems woman can only fit in with the help of a male.

Mami Bakala as she is popularly called has proven to be one of those ladies in the genre with a unique and special flow who needs no male influence especially in the writing of the lyrics direction.

Askia performing at the discovery show

With this known hardwork ASKIA has put in, some people still find it hard to believe she’s that good of a lyricist and think she may have a ghost writer.

She’s however taken to social media(Facebook) to debunk the rumors of people speculating her husband Qilla who happens to be another good rapper is that ghostwriter.

ASKIA has made it clear in her post she writes her own songs and will continue to do so.

Several of her fans came in the comments section with words of appreciation and some encouragement towards her, her craft and her lyrics which has made them love her over the years.



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