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Are Cameroonian entertainers doing enough for their fans and country vis-à-vis COVID-19 ?

As the world comes together to fight the killer disease COVID-19, different African countries have had their celebrities show love and concern for their fans who are mostly the average man, by donating relief materials and even financial help as lockdown is implemented in their countries.

Some even brave the odds and go out to meet these fans in their localities to sensitize and create awareness about the virus which  will go along way to curb its wide spread. However Cameroonian entertainers are missing in the picture.

The role of a public figure or a celebrity is very vital in society as the population tend to see them as role models. Young boys and girls growing up want to be like their favorite pop star or actress on Tv. And hence follows their daily life as they portray on social media. Checking in on what they wear, how they speak and often copy their style, imitate their activities and stick with it. This just means celebrities are vital in the fight against COVID-19.

The world is now faced with another heartbreaking moment. The rise of another deadly virus like the Spanish Influenza that is killing thousands across the globe.  At first people didn’t believe the existence of COVID-19 and developed lots of conspiracy theories about it.

Even if it were all true, now is definitely not the time to investigate on those possibilities as many more people  continue to die from the disease.
Cameroon is one of the countries with people who strongly doubted the existence of the pandemic.

Most of them believed that it couldn’t kill a black man, with some  people presenting fake therapies to stay immune from COVID19

 Unfortunately COVID-19 is not a respecter of age, personality, status, ethnicity, religion nor gender.

With the rise in cases and deaths in the country, celebrities therefore need to do more for their fan base and country at large to fight the disease by significantly sensitizing on their social media platforms. Doing short videos, live sessions in languages easily understood or if possible going out to  meet the people in their communities.

These acts will go a long way to help curb the spread of the virus and also show Cameroonians that their stars have them at heart.
Most musicians in Cameroon need to ask themselves why they sing and only then will they know this is the time to sing.

Songs with themes relating to what is on in the world now will do alot.
It could bring back Lost Hope and Strength to the people.

Its time for Cameroonian Celebrities to show Support to their fans who have been supporting them since the start of their careers.

Kudos to the entertainers already putting their hands on deck to fight COVID-19 like Tzy Panchak, Daphne Njie, Salatiel, Magasco, Lady Ponce and footballers like Samuel Eto’o and Fai Collins. These stars have made sensitization campaigns and donated some protective materials and other goods to communities.

Musicians such as  Awu, Show Yoh, Blaise B, Stanley Enow, and Indira have put out new music on COVID-19 and how to prevent it.

Also shockingly few weeks ago, Cameroonian born, basketballer Joel Embiid based in the US, who plays for NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers  offered the sum of $500,000 approximately 298 million frs to support the fight against the pandemic in the USA.

Some Cameroonians were skeptical about the offer while most concluded his gesture fell on the right place since America gave him the opportunity to work and make the money he is giving back.

While hoping more celebrities wake up.
Let us keep praying for a better tomorrow and of course ending COVID-19 is a collective fight by every individual in the society.




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