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Do Cameroonian Dancers get the RECOGNITION and RESPECT that they deserve?

Cameroonian dancers have in the past complained of disrespect from some artists and video directors and most importantly not being recognized and celebrated by the media and audience.

I’ve been looking at this situation for a while now and despite knowing that many of these dancers lack creativity and rather prefer to copy foreign dance moves rather than promote our local dances, I think they have a strong case in the allegations above and I also think most of them have been working hard trying to mix up the various dance styles and trying to brand themselves to suit the taste of the media.

In this digital age, nobody wants to be left out of the spotlight; Graphic designers are celebs, photographers are celebs, tailors are celebs, vixens are celebs, and even bloggers are celebs. Everybody, including the dancers deserve to be recognized and celebrated based on the work they are putting in given it is all a cobweb.

This is a very big topic that we can break down into sub, micro topics to discuss. I’m working on an article for this that will drop sometime in April but for now, based on personal opinions, do you think the attached question is true, or what do you make of the situation?

Are Cameroonian DANCERS getting the recognition and respect that they deserve? Let’s hear from you in the comments section below;

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