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3 amazing reasons you should sell/advertise on Mungenow Classified.

Mungenow classified is aimed at becoming the leading classified site in Cameroon and the African Continent providing a platform to advertise your business and others.

Founded in 2019 by Aaron Nkombou Munga and Enow George Abgor, Mungenow Classified has since created a community where people can sell and/or redistribute unused or unwanted items whether brand new or fairly used to fill a new need, and become wanted again.

Three reasons why you should sell/advertise your business on Mungenow Classified.
1) More visibility for your product or service.
2) User friendly with an easy ad setup process.
3) It is totally FREE of charge.

Now rush and create an account on https://mungenowclassified.com/

Advertise your business

About Mungenow Classified

About Mungenow is part of Mungenow Technologies also founded by the duo mentioned above. Mungenow Technologies is a leading B2C technology company based out of Cameroon with a vision to develop technology products that meet the need of modern African society. Apart from Mungenow Classified, Mungenow Technologies also runs www.mungenowproperties.com which is a leading digital property portal in Cameroon and the African Continent.

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