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Actors and Vixens seem to be ignorant of fashion, technological and other changes

Actors, Actresses, Vixens and others who through their career act in movies and music videos that cannot be reversed or updated must be mindful about the quick changes in technology and ways of life.

Recently, we saw a vixen complaining that a music video which she featured in since 2016 was released 2 years later and she was calling out the artists involved in the project for trying to bring her down or stop her shine, because she was beginning to shine online (Facebook popularity).

An actor cannot control when a project is to be released because there are many other variables that control this process and acting in the movie or music video it is just one of them. Once you are paid-off, it is no longer your property and now left in the hands of the producing team to put the other thing for the release.

  • We’ve seen music videos dropping 2 years after we saw behind the scenes pics.
  • Some movies have been acted through a period of 10 years before being released.

Generally, the only stake an actor has in the movie is what he/she is required to do. Professionalism, dedication and love for the trade. If all these are in order, you won’t complain if a movie that you did in 2010 when Blackberry Bold was popular is released in 2019 just because you now own an iPhone or a Samsung which is voice and touch reactive.

This goes too with other domains in life and different careers especially at the early stages. If you are involved in a project, you need to do it so well that you can be proud of it whenever and wherever it is released.

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