Diaspora based Cameroonian artiste Diamond Inter has been trending recently due to his highly Anticipated upcoming song “Oh Yaya” which is said to feature Cameroon’s top Comedians such as Richard, Grand Lawrenzo, Auntie Felicia, Caro, Copees and Tenzo.

Here are 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Diamond Inter.

He is the wealthiest entertainer in Cameroon. His net worth is estimated to be at $20.000.000.

Diamond Inter
  • Diamond Inter is a professional actor who has appeared in over 1000 Thaï television shows and films. He is a singer as well as a brand influencer. As a Thai national, he speaks, reads, and writes the language.
  • The artiste works at Gold Stone Comedy as a Thai comedian.
Diamond Inter age

  • With 12.000.000+ views on a single video, he is the sole Cameroonian in the diaspora with the most streams.
  • He will become the first Cameroonian artiste set to do the biggest giveaway. Diamond plans to give out a Car, Iphone 13 Pro Max and Samsung for the challenge of his song upcoming song titled “Oh Yaya”.

Diamond Inter will be releasing the official video of OH YAYA on May 14th 2022. Subscribe to his YouTube Channel HERE.


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