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End Anglophone Crisis: Musicians, actors, media, and other culture stakeholders unite to find a lasting solution

Cameroonian Musicians, actors, media, and other culture stakeholders unite to find a lasting solution and End Anglophone Crisis

End Anglophone Crisis

As earlier announced, there was in fact a meeting/gathering between musicians, producers, media men, actors, and other cultural stakeholders of the Cameroon Entertainment landscape this day 26th October 2020 aimed at End Anglophone Crisis.

Attendees for this gathering included; Kang Quintus, Salatiel, Mr. Leo, Toki Lala, Ko-C, Tony Nobody, Gervais Ngogang, Brice Albin, President Tchop Tchop, Magasco, Locko, Laura Dave, Tanjong Solange, Ewube, Phill Bill Beats, Dijay Karl, Gomez, among others which includes a very long list of Cameroonian culture influencers and stakeholders.

The primary objective of the meeting was to discuss together various ways and strategies and looking for a lasting solution to the Anglophone crisis, though many want to call it a General Cameroon Crisis.

I managed to create a little time to join these loving Cameroonians, though I came in towards the end, I however gathered some key points worth sharing with you.

The ambiance and decisions in the gathering were centered around creating a special message to send out there, a hashtag to sell across the media, songs, and on the streets (T-shirts).

The meeting was later divided into sectors, where artists stayed on one side, media people went to another side and actors did the same.

Artists could be seen dividing themselves into groups, possibly to do a song to send their message out there. The sharing pattern went in the direction of mixing singers from rappers etc etc.

On the side of the media, particular attention was diverted to tv and radio show hosts who host morning shows, etc. They are required to speak about the message decided upon in their shows and also spread the word about hashtag together with digital media people.

I can’t confirm what was decided at the level of actors and actresses, but it should be in the direction of short skits, movies, and stuff like that.

The sad reality is that the message itself wasn’t really agreed upon by any of the camps. Many agreed that the movement should be apolitical but the direction of the message was either not fully agreed upon, or it was pushed to various Whatsapp forums that will be created this evening.

I think after the creation of the groups, a lot more will be decided and we will start seeing some real action coming through.

For now, I want to urge all of us to give these cultural stakeholders a chance to use their influence and possibly create change or look for a solution to the crisis. The general mood now is about emotions from the Kumba incident, but we will all agree that any decisions from emotions may not be the right ones.

I am in total support of any movement that is geared towards justice, the end of the crisis, and eventual peace. The minute I see sardine coming through, I am out of it and I swear to call out all those who are involved. We’ve seen sardine come into culture players before and so it won’t be a surprise if it happens again.

But, for now, the motives look genuine and everyone is pained. Let’s see what the next couple of days will produce as every word on the street now is End Anglophone crisis.


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